Letters To Myself: #1

So, i came up with this idea, that I should write letters for the future, letters to myself. I asked his majesty himself King Poddle (a.k.a. the lovely Callum Piper, why not give that follow button a cheeky little click? 😉 http://kingpoddle.wordpress.com/) to accompany me on this quest (yeah Callum, I don’t fricking care if Gandalf comes or not, I’m going now!!) and as it happens he managed to upload one before me…

Don’t judge okay?? it’s hard writing a letter to yourself!


Dear me,

How are you? Do you still go by Kiki, or do you let people call you “Khiana” now? I doubt it, even though you don’t mind it as much right now…I know most people will laugh at this post, thinking we’re stupid, but I wanted to write a letter to you so in a few years you can look back at this letter and remember how you used to be. who knows, maybe I’ll write more than one, so you can open one every week? I kinda like that idea, and I hope you’ll still remember it when the time comes.

At the moment I’m struggling with my homework, so I thought I’d take a break and write this. I guess I wanted to talk about the future, and then when the time comes to read it, I’ll be able to see whether I followed my dreams or not. I’m going to aim for 2 years from now, when we’re almost 18. What do you study in college? did we get into Alton like we planned? If not, then where am I studying now? Do you still want to go to Oxford? Are you still scared about failing? trick question, of course you are; we always have been.

Are you still friends with Callum, or Rachael or Jack? Boy, I sure hope so. I can’t imagine my life without them. I have this awful picture of you reading this, looking back at fond memories and remembering the friends you used to have. Please don’t do that to us, please stay in contact with them. Are you still obsessed with YouTubers? Do you make videos yet? If not then why not? we’ve always wanted to upload covers so why have you given up? If you do then how many subscribers have we got? Have you gone to Summer In The City?


Do you still make plans to be flat-mates with Rachael? With the big black Labrador called Padfoot, and the tortoiseshell cat? Do you still make jokes about buying adjoining flats and using one solely for making videos and fangirling? Do you still live at home? do you have a job? I hope so, it’s one of the things I want the most right now. Do you have a boyfriend? (doubt it) if you do, is it someone I know already? Do you love them?

There’s so many questions i want to ask you about so many things, but this letter is long enough as it is. Don’t worry though, because I’m definitely gonna write some more letters to you.

Lots of Love and cookies, (do you still write that at the end of letters?)
Kiki :3 (is that emoji still your favourite?) xx


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