A wobbly smile …

A wobbly smile and
ginger hair
of times she’s been bullied
she’s had a large share

For her birthday the ice rink
seemed a brilliant idea
but only two showed up
and confirmed her worst fears

Her smiles were met,
with sneers, smirks, and frowns,
Then she slipped on the ice,
and fell to the ground

sick of being on the fringes
she sought some advice
so her sister took her shopping,
and made her look nice

She got a new look,
and followed the trend
soon the teasing stopped,
and she made a new friend

Her friend made her feel cool,
and she soon left behind
the sorrows of her past,
and the troubles on her mind,

But the fear always constant,
that her friend would find out
how uncool she was,
she would hate her- no doubt!

Then everything changed,
thanks to one brand new face,
A trilby on his head,
he seemed out of place,

A sax on his lips,
Tippex quotes on his lap,
he didn’t fall for the friend,
but instead liked Gingersnaps!

Although her friend thought him weird,
Inside Ginger knew,
That Sam really liked her,
and she liked him too!

When someone from the past,
comes tumbling in,
Ginger’s friendship cracks,
and her smile begins to thin,

But everything’s alright,
It turns out okay,
down by the canal,
a fox saves the day

she joins a new band,
called My Secret Boyfriend,
and I’d tell you the rest,
but that’s where the book ends.

Out of all of my favourite characters, I can relate to Ginger the most.

Ginger’s story starts with her at primary school. She’s overweight, and she never really fits in. Within the first chapter, the story started sounding similar to my life story- especially when the opening paragraph is Ginger hating her name! (eurgh, Khiana is worse, I would kill for a name like Ginger)

I won’t go into the story because spoilers, but the basic theme of the story is being unsure of yourself. Being picked on as a kid, and re-inventing yourself as a teenager. Realising that you don’t want to be someone you’re not later on, and finally accepting who you are.

I seriously recommend you read it.


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